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PolisMaker International Association

A strong network for the transformation of cities

Around the World

Alumni, Experts and Professors

PIA is a network of alumni, researchers, experts and professors from PolisMaker (Politecnico di Milano) of a wide range of disciplines from differents cities and countries whom build up the urban transformation, around transversal PolisMaker vision.

Strategic Planning, Land Analysis, Community Policing, Business Development, Urban Design & Urban Marketing

The Polismaker International Association, brings together a cast of Alumni, Experts and Professors with deep knowledge in urban transformation, to analyze the economic, social and spatial characteristics of an area, city or region and to propose real changes towards attractiveness, resilience, disasters natural, in line with a feasible roadmap that takes into account urban problems and requirements.
The Polismaker International Association has strategic allies for the development of the potential of the vocation of the different areas of the city to ensure the quality of urban life.

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Planners & Designers 0
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David Jamison Programmer
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Brandon Jones Web Designer
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Rachel Harrison Founder

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Masterplans, Measuring Economic Impact, Farmer Markets, Recruitment Strategies, Ambassador Programs, Needs Assessment, Environmental Design, Improvement Districts, Action Plan Development..

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